Colby Covington “I Will Smash Robert Whittaker & Khabib, I Want 3 Belts”

UFC superstar heel Colby Covington is currently the #3 ranked welterweight on the planet and he considers himself the Michael Jordan of MMA. Colby will be fighting in his first title fight versus Rafael Dos Anjos next month and has big plans to move up to the middleweight division and take that belt as well as dropping down to the lightweight division for that belt. In a new interview with BJPenn Radio, Colby reveals his plans and explains why he feels these are easy match ups for him. Check it out.


Colby Covington:
“I don’t think [middleweight champ Robert Whittaker] is that good, man. He got knocked out by Stephen Thompson, and Stephen Thompson couldn’t hold my jock strap. So I might be looking to go up [to middleweight]. You know, I always wanted to get the belt [in] the harder weight class first. I’d rather go 170, get my belt, go to 185, smack Whittaker around, and then go to 155, and we’ll look for Khabib Nurmagomedov.”

Colby Covington:

“I’m looking for three belts, I’m looking to do something that’s never been done in this sport. I wanna go down to 155. I wanna go up to 185 middleweight and take the belt. Whitaker hasn’t been that impressive. He got knocked out by choir boy Thompson. Karate, everybody knows that shit don’t work. As far as Khabib, the guy couldn’t finish a real estate on 20 hours notice. That’s sad, man. If that dweeb ever comes up to 170, I’ll rag doll him like the chump he is.”

Colby Covington:

“He’s not that talented, man. His wrestling doesn’t add up to good wrestlers. He has good pressure, but he’s going against guys, not all American Division I wrestlers who have been wrestling since they were five years old. My hips are completely different, my scrambles and my takedowns. I’m a bigger, better, strong, everything better than him. I’m way more handsome. We all know that. I don’t think that his skills are that good, and they don’t translate up to 170, but that’s why I’ll go to 155 if need be. I’ll meet him in Russia. I’d love to go to Russia and silence that crowd and give the Russian fans something to cry about.”

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