Cocky Bodybuilder B**CH Slaps! BJJ Student and Goes To War With A Female

Heard of the fight between the bodybuilder and the Jiu Jitsu female fighter? Oh yes, it did happen. AND it went exactly the way you wanted it to go: namely he got pawned. Badly.


Oh, and the man in question is nothing much to go by. For example, his claim to fame is making YouTube videos. After all, everyone shoots to fame these days on self-made videos and Rambo (yes, self-provided) Cuztha Gunz takes that opportunity to create body building videos. And as you can guess, they are nothing much to go by. They are actually pretty funny (no, he intended them to be serious in nature). Although his music videos are actually pretty amusing. Gunz calls his style to be something called ‘Bodybuilder Gainzster Rap’ and it goes exactly how you would imagine it to be. Some of his creations are actually interesting as well, including Talkin Trash Behind My Lats and Sex, Weights, Protein Shakes.


He tries to be funny, but most of his tracks are actually rather boring. Although, the most recent video featuring him (the one where he gets beaten BADLY by the female Jiu Jitsu practitioner) is extremely satisfying.


In the clip, Gunz goes to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, at the Triton Fight Center. Note that he had already tried to beat one of the teachers here at a grappling competition and got owned previously. However, getting his ass handed out to him once previously did not deter him from trying again. This was a mark of stupidity at the lowest form. After all, getting oneself kicked once should have satisfied him, but he still goes for it, thinking he would finally get his revenge: in the fairy dreamland.

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