Bully Gets Sparked “You’re Not Taking My Lunch Money Today MotherF***er!”


Nobody likes a bully. In fact, studies have shown that most bullies are not empathetic and they usually have some problem in their life from which the deep-seated resentments towards others occur. While they may need a counseling, a beating often proves quite effective as well. And going by this story, it does not always go the way the bully had envisioned the fight. After all, if you have gone to high school, you have either been a victim or seen someone being bullied before your eyes.


The motivation is always the same in case of the bullies. They go on to choose people who are smaller than themselves, or who cannot defend themselves. While doing this, they grow more and more assured of themselves seeing the victim’s fear and the crowd’s cheer. This poses a problem not only at this stage but later on in life as well. Essentially, they grow up to be cowards.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a coward is “a person who is not brave and is too eager to avoid danger, difficulty, or pain”. This is exactly what a bully does. He picks on people who are not likely to fight back as fighting back may inflict pain on themselves.

school bully

They also define ‘bully’ as, “someone who hurts or frightens someone who is smaller or less powerful, often forcing them to do something that they do not want to do”. Quite apt, isn’t it?


This was also the case at a recent school fight video which emerged, where a bully starts off by shouting at his (as usual, smaller) victim, thinking that this might be enough to scare him into submission. However, it seemed that on this occasion, the bully had bit off more than he could chew. The victim in question was not at all scared of his tormentor. In fact, before anything else could be spoken, he fired off a few well-aimed punches to his face, anticipating that the problem could only go downhill from there, even before the bully had an opportunity to start.

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