Brazilian Gangsters Put A Price On Colby Covington, They Want Him Killed

UFC Superstar Colby Covington will be facing Rafael Dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title. Last time Colby fought in Brazil he called the country a lot of not nice things and fans attacked him on the way out of the arena and in the hotel.

Special Forces security had to smuggle him out of the hotel in a laundry basket and place him in the trunk of their car and sneak him into the airport.

In a new interview with ESPN, Colby reveals that a bounty has been placed on his head and they want him dead before he walks into the cage.

As there are a lot of Brazilians stateside that want a piece of him. There will be added security at the event just in case someone tries to collect the bounty. Check it out.

Colby Covington:

“People want me dead there. UFC had to buy two plane tickets to Brazil. One for me. And one for my big nuts. This fight is legendary status, This will imprint my name into history. It was a little nerve-racking [agreeing to the fight]. I know people who want me dead there. I have received a lot of death threats. I’ve been told someone is offering a bounty on my head, to murder me before I make it to the Octagon.”

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