JACKED!!! 6’7, 340 Pound Bouncer Vs. 160 Pound Defenseless Night Clubber

Bouncers are not the nicest guys to be friendly with. In fact, they are paid to be savage. Needless to say, it does not help to antagonize one: especially if he is twice as large as you, speaks Russian and seems pissed for extra measure. While the dude in our video was not Russian, he sure was not in the best of the moods. Considering that he threw out one of the customers out of the club, it was probably not the best thing to try punching him either when the man was trying to get back in.


Where did all this happen? Well, in the land of action, Philadelphia. In the Coda Club, located in the Walnut Street, to be more precise. This happened when the customer, who had already been thrown out for being too drunk, was trying to get back into where all the action lay. We do not blame him. After all, when the drinks get too much, even the stupidest ideas seem like plans hatched during the plot of Ocean’s Eleven.

 As a sample of how drunk (and by extension, how stupid) he was acting, he can be seen asking, “Now, if you hit me and you swing and you miss, can I still go inside?”


Now, if I was the bouncer, I would have made sure that this guy shuts up, but luckily the man on the gate was much cooler headed. He kept on ignoring the reveler, who keeps up with this line of questions for about a minute until the bouncer finally does lose it. In response to the drunk customer, he makes sure he DOES NOT miss and downs him with a killer right hook. Combined with the fact that the man was a bouncer, was huge and was accustomed to dealing with stuff like this on a daily basis, this was totally expected. At least, he did give the customer some time to shut up!

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