Bobby Gunn with a Record of 71-0 Fights Former Bodyguard of Jay Z

The boxing world is ruthless in its competition. And if you are a fan, you probably know of Bobby Gunn. At 42, he is a 7-time cruiserweight champion with a record of 21-6-1(1NC).


A recent example of a tough fight that he had to go through was his 2006 fight with Shelby Gross. The pro boxing match was special not only for the intensity of the fight but for far more. The Canadian took on Gross, and was looking as if he would win an easy victory with a first round KO, after knocking him down not once, but twice. However, Gross was saved due to a slow count by the referee and survived till the end of the round.

It all turned around in the second round, where Gross knocked down Gunn and fought dirty. And illegally, hitting the canvas in the process and shattering Gunn’s eardrum. Following this, Gross knocked down Gunn twice more and was finally awarded a highly controversial TKO victory.

Needless to say, this kicked up a huge controversy and Gross was forced to undergo a drug test, where he showed up positive and the result was changed to a no contest. In fact, it was so bad that the video from the Gross vs Gunn fight is now done as the perfect example of exactly what can go wrong while being a referee at a fight. There was a rematch where Gunn (unsurprisingly) won, knocking out Gross by the third round.

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