BJJ Specialist Eliminates A Guy Who Said “White Boys Can’t Fight”

A little training will go a long way in the street. When Helio Gracie created Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he adapted aspects of Judo to be more widely applicable. This meant that it was easier for someone who knows BJJ to win a fight against someone who does not.

Helio and his brothers became used to defending their art both in competition and in the street. This led BJJ to become refined, with only the most applicable techniques remaining for effective self-defence. This system of continually updating techniques and retaining only the most effective ones has made BJJ a highly practical martial art.

Royce Gracie represented BJJ at UFC 1 in 1993. Winning the tournament, he demonstrated that someone with knowledge of BJJ can overcome size and strength advantages. Now, we’re not suggesting the guy in this video’s skills are anywhere near the level of Gracie. But having prior knowledge of grappling positions can give you a real advantage against an inexperienced opponent in a street fight.

The Guy in the red shorts demonstrates that he is not a complete novice on his feet, landing a couple of nice straight punches. From there he secures a nice takedown and brings the fight to the ground. Realizing that his friend is fighting a skilled grappler, the guy on bottoms friends asks them to stand up. “Get up. Get up. Box it out.”

The grappler then reminds him mid-fight that it’s a street fight and not a boxing match. “F**k that s**t whoever touches me I’m getting up and beating your ass.” As a result of multiple strikes from the grappler, the other guy gives up his back. However, despite the fact the guy is no longer taking punches to the face, he is now in danger of being choked out. The grappler then sinks his arm under the guy;’s neck and locks in a choke.

The grappler holds the choke until the other guy goes completely unconscious, then hits him with one final strike for good measure.

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