Big Dude Turns Into The Incredible Hulk & Puts HANDS On 9 Police Officers

Where would we be without those brave, bold and stupid individuals who decide they’re above the law? Seriously, you would have to have a few screws loose to think that you can mess with the first stage of a judicial system designed to protect greater society.

But that is just what some people think, usually those with nothing better to do! The below video comes from Milwaukee in the United States. The man in the blue shirt has reportedly been pulled over and asked to step out of his vehicle by some bicycle cops.

As the video opens it seems he has already clouted one of the officers who is bleeding from the mouth. The bloke in the blue shirt is carrying a lot of weight as he paces slowly and menacingly toward the officer who has his baton out ready to strike.

Two other officers flank the man and one of them take a swipe, gets nothing but fresh air and consequently falls over. The three officers have been repeatedly telling the man to get down, but their demands are falling on deaf ears. The man feels no pain.

The officer in the path of the man takes out his pepper spray and sprays the man in the eyes. The flanking officers begin to strike him with their batons. All of the sudden, just as backup arrives, the man gets into a rage, swiping at officer after officer.

It takes six officers punching and striking with batons to begin to subdue the man, but it is not until one of them produces a taser and fires at him that he goes down. 5 cops pin the man and another prods him with his baton trying to get him to stay still so they can cuff him.

The gargantuan effort has attracted the attention of many bystanders who come out of their homes and cars to watch the din. Sirens wail in the distance and before long some twenty officers are on the scene undertaking crowd control and keeping the man under close watch.

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