ANTIFA Soldier With Metal Pole Gets Eliminated By JACKED Trump Supporter

Ah, the U.S of A. The land of the free and the home of the brave. We love the fact that a country that prides itself on freedom is so prone to violence and even domestic terrorism. The anti-fascist group ANTIFA cops serious flack on social media for the fact that its members engage in violent protests against those who hold any particular view that differs from their own. They have a history of disguising and arming themselves in a bid to remain anonymous. That makes their group easily identifiable in the clip below when protestors clashed with Trump supporters a couple of years ago.

As the clip begins, it is clear that there has already been a fair bit of nastiness going down. Mob mentality has taken over and people are ready to rumble. We are in the middle of a downtown street where a number of ANTIFA members carry batons and are dressed head to toe in black. A skirmish has broken out and one of the masked men has hit the deck which prompts his friends to go after one of the biggest men at the whole rally.

One of the masked ANTIFA members comes at him wielding his baton. It is lucky he doesn’t really know what he is doing and we can see his attempted strike coming a mile away. It is easy thwarted by the guy sporting the classic Trump supporter look of shirt-under-shirt and wraparound sunglasses. After getting rid of the threat from the weapon, the bloke delivers a counter punch that would knock out The Incredible Hulk.

The ANTIFA member is asleep before he crashes into the pavement, hitting his head. His friends pick him up to carry him away, but he is absolutely stiff as a board. A woman confronts the Trump supporter but he does not show the same aggression, merely ignoring her looking for his next target.

The camera pans back to reveal a huge mob down the street carrying flags and punching on. But the action was all caught with that epic exchange earlier. Check it out on the player below.

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