A Jacked Bodybuilder Sucker Punches Small MMA Fighter And Gets Eliminated


Bar fights can escalate bloody quickly. What starts as a bit of friendly banter between mates or strangers can easily turn into a full-scale brawl within a couple of seconds. There have been countless saloon fights depicted in pop culture over the years leading us to believe that these venues are not just a place to have a few brewskis, but a place where trouble could find you if you look at someone the wrong way. The video below is taken from reality TV show Black Gold.

If you haven’t seen it, think Ice Road Truckers set in the desert with protagonists working on oil rigs and fields rather than behind the wheels of trucks. On a night out, two of the stars of Black Gold come together in a fiery clash that gets way out of hand. Usually, these shows seem painfully premeditated and scripted. But there is absolutely nothing being left behind here. It’s entirely possible the director and producer looked at each other wondering whether to stop what happened before.


We’re glad they kept the cameras rolling. The fight begins by one of the men named Cheston begins to taunt another bloke aptly named ‘Tank’ owing to his robust built. Tank has about 50 kgs on Cheston, but Cheston reckons he’s a bit of a fighter and continues to rile the big feller up. Whilst becoming overly familiar and displaying a few playful MMA holds on him, we can see Tank start to crack. He finishes his beer and goes to ‘chat’ to Cheston one on one.

But Cheston continues to shoot his mouth on, leading Tank to lost his Sh*t and sucker punch Cheston in the jaw. Still reeling from the blow, he doesn’t allow Cheston back to his feet before going in for the next punch. The scuffle continues with Cheston in a headlock. Tank looks to have the upper hand before Cheston put his money where his mouth is and flips the giant onto his back. Tank is down, and Cheston begins to rain blows from his standing position.

Tank’s head goes limp after the second punch and his job is done. But Cheston is pretty angry with the situation, in particular, the sucker punch catching him way off guard. He continues to batter the unconscious tank which may be going a little overboard. He know it too as he is dragged off.


He justifies his moves as self-defence and says that he has given all them the guys warning not to fight him. The defeated Tank lays there post-fight with a split chin and a fair bit of remorse and shattered pride. See the video below.

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