22-0 Amateur Boxer With Slick Head Movement Takes On 15 Attackers All By Himself!

When fights are one-on-one there is an unwritten rule that those standing around don’t jump in and skew the odds. I mean, fair is fair, but when people start coming in from behind and giving cheap shots, all order is thrown out the window. Sadly that is what happened here in this crazy ghetto fight. In an environment where everyone seems to be ‘cousins’ family ties lead to emotional actions. There’s a silver lining though, the guy who is targeted is an absolute beast!

The fight starts out fair and square, mano-a-mano. Two blokes, who aren’t mates are squaring off wanting to belt the living hell out of each other. They’re both in shape, they’re both topless and they both know how to fight. The guy with dreadlocks makes the first wild swings that only narrowly miss. Should they have connected, the Ali-looking bloke would have been sent to the shadow realm. It is only due to his evasive skills that he merely smells the knuckles as they fly past.

It is then his turn to go on the offensive. The throws a few combos that miss before landing a few killer strikes. We see the guy with dreadlocks cover-up, trying to weather the onslaught but it seems as if the damage is done and he’s going to have to resort to a more defensive style. But it is as soon as ‘Dreadlocks’ starts to get his ass kicked that other come in to join the fun.

The first is a fat guy who tries to punch the Ali looking guy, but Ali sees it coming and knocks him down with a single strike. Then a bloke in the ever-fashionable combination of a white t-shirt and red underwear gets in there. He manages to get behind the Ali-looking bloke and delivers cowardly rabbit-punches from behind.


But Ali is an absolute hulking roid as he cops everything whilst still dishing out punishment to dreadlocks and the others. Eventually, the chicks get involved and the fight breaks up, but it is two minutes of the trashiest chaos you will see on the internet.

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