60 Yr Old With Insane Power & Speed, Puts HANDS!!! On A 26 Yr Old Boxer

Trainers are usually underestimated by their trainees, especially boxing trainers. Trainees seem to forget that the trainers have 2 times more experience than they have. We have found a video that puts a picture what trainers can do.


Apparently, a 60-year-old veteran takes on a young boxer in a sparring session. As usual, the boxer takes things lightly and laughs at his opponent. However, the boxer’s opinion will change quickly.

The veteran and the boxer starts the fight in a friendly. The boxer is laughing and the veteran is warming up. The boxer throws the first punch which does no damage to the old man. After the first punch, they both dance for a little while.


However, the veteran puts a stop to the dancing by throwing a right hook and then a left hook. At this point, the young boxer starts to take things more seriously, but he is a little late. The young boxer also throws a right and left hook, but does no damage to the old man again.

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